Mould Development


Our mould Dept. is with the capability of designing and building all kinds of ceramic and plastic moulds, we can design 60-80 sets new mould, building 100-120 sets tools, and build 10 sets of automatic moulds monthly.

We have 24 staffs,3 of them are with colleague degree, the rest 15 persons are graduated from middle technical school or senior school. We have the advanced ability to design and build the plastic and dry press moulds, wet press moulds, and vertical injection process moulds.

We are praised many times by the famous lighting players at home and abroad by our wonderful design, precise tooling, enduring and efficient function.

Now we have the below equipment: 2 engraving machines, 4 electric spark machines, 4 linear cutting machines, 2 vertical milling machines,1 horizontal milling machine,2 big lathe turning machines,1 small lathe turning machine, 1 big grinding machine and 1 small grinding machine, 1 high-speed punching machine.