Successful application example

Successful application example

LED complex heat dissipation ceramic material solution

Current situation analysis

Metal Al is with low density, high thermal conductivity, and advanced surface coating technology, it is always in the dominate position in the LED housing material. While with the more and more high demanding on safety concern, the insulating material becomes the new favorites.

Ceramic is with strong insulating, high safety, overall good heat dissipation, realize the integrated design of PCB and heat sink in one, which is with unparalleled advantages compared with other materials.

The current LED heat sink material includes metal, with the main players of Al or Al alloy, plastic (normal plastic & thermal plastic), ceramic(normal ceramic & thermal ceramic),etc.


Based on the situation that the metal heat sink is not insulating, and the high cost in second insulating protection, and the normal plastic is with low thermal conductivity, and thermal plastic is with high cost, we devotes ourselves in the ceramic components for the lighting industry, under the leadership of Mr. Xue Xirong, the president of Kangrong, we, together with the famous ceramic enterprise, have developed high thermal conductive ceramic material like K9, KA & K6, etc. The thermal ceramic material combined the advantages of high thermal conductivity of metal and the insulating of plastic. 

Ceramic surface would be rugged rough surface, it would increase times of the heat dissipation surface areas, and increase the capability of heat exchange with the air, therefore the heat dissipation capability would be enhanced a lot.

In general, ceramic is high insulating, highly safe, the good performance of overall heat dissipation, and with the strong demand of safety, the ceramic heat sink becomes the good choice, especially in Europe and the US. What’s more, ceramic overall cost is parallel to Al, and under a right design, the cost is even lower, and there is still space for a lower cost.

We,Kangrong are not only providing the LED ceramic heat sink, but also provide the whole solution, we are trying to make that to be low cost, high production efficiency, short lead time and good performance. Based on your drawing, we would make the thermal simulation, and therefore offer the low cost but good performance solution.




Material introduction

Complex ceramic heat dissipation material is with the main composition of alumina oxide, silicon dioxide and rare earth. Developed through advanced technology, it forms the three dimensional micro structure. Its thermal dissipation rate reaches as high as 0.95.





Practical application

Complex ceramic heat dissipation material is mainly relying on its high thermal dissipation rate(Figure 1) and enormous specific areas(Figure 2), and quickly takes the heat into air, and assures the LED working in a lower temperature environment, prolongs the lighting fixture lifetime. Its surface structure won’t be affected based on its good chemical stability. In addition, lighting fixture’ s safety assurance is highly improved due to its unparallel insulating capability.



LED A60 bulb application example

Combine three advantages, insulating, conductive, good heat dissipation in one, brings quicker heat conduct, better heat dissipation, and more safety assurance.