Equipment Development


Equipment r&d and manufacturing capabilities

The auto-equipment R&D Dept. was established in Aug.2001, from 1 staff till the 20 staff team. Everyone of the team is with college degree or above, covers mechanical, electronic, electric, automatic control, computer and auto-equipment

Among them, 10 members is above 5 years working experience, 3 is with senior-grade professional title, 8 is with middle title, more than 10 engineers and technicians. build. .

Successfully developed auto- equipments

Automatic assembly series equipments: GU10(K518) automatic assembly machines, G53(K538) automatic assembly machines, G12(K532C) & (K532G) automatic assembly machines, E27 Brass pins and screws double workers machines,E14 and E27 plastic automatic assembly machines.

Pressing machines includes automatic wet pressing machine, vacuum pumping mixing manual pressing machines, half-dry pressing machines, dry pressing machines etc; and several flow lines; automatic mixing and vacuum pumping material feeding machines and so on.