R&D Equipment



1. special ceramic test lab

Many sets of ball mill grinding equipment, centrifugal spray drier, stirring mill, dry pressing molding machine,  isostatic pressing molding machine, heat treatment furnace , high temperature experiment furnace… etc material testing equipment: surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, and polishing machine, etc  ceramic finishing equipment: have the mechanical analysis ability of chemical composition analysis and research, strength measuring voltage withstand test material properties… etc testing equipment


2.International IEC standard lighting test experiment lab

In accordance with the international electrotechnical commission and GB standard of lighting accessories, could do the complete test for testing product according to  requirements IEC60838-1 IEC60238 IEC60400 IEC60838 IEC60061 IEC60061-1-2-2-2, the UL496, have ROHS tester, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, salt fog test chamber, pendulum impact tester, ball pressure tester, dielectric tester, high temperature test chamber, pressure tester, insulation resistance tester, contact resistance tester, 24 road industrial record meter, screw rotation test machine, standard gauge … etc instruments and equipment.


3. LED lighting applications product testing lab 

International IEC standard laboratory for LED lighting products
The lighting accessory lab established according to IEC and international standards, can test products according to: European Safety Standards LVD:IEC62560,IEC61347-2-13,IEC62031,IEC62471,IEC6001-1/3,IEC60630; EMC:EN55015,EN61547,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3;China CQC Safety:GB24906-2010; EMCGB17743-2007,GB17625.1-2003; US UL safety approval: UL1993,UL8750. Europe: ERP EU NO 1194/2012。The lab have instruments like: 1.5 meter integrating sphere, photometry & conduction tester, radiation survey meter, high temperature test chamber, sample aging equipment, RoHS tester, temperature and humidity chamber, thermal shock chambers, needle flame test instrument, dielectric tester,  hipot tester, insulation resistance tester, contact resistance tester, industrial record instrument, electrostatic analyzer, oscilloscope, standard gauge, etc