Problem of thermal Plastic


Why there is losses or forming problem from the visual look?

  • The flowing capability is not good, need to increase the injection force.


The junction temperature is high, why there is big difference between junction point and the housing?

  • 1. The wall thickness is too thick, heat conduct becomes low.
    2.The surface between the inner Al part and the Al PCB is easily deformed, which results in low thermal conduct because of the too small contact surface.


  • 1.85 in density


The special requirement in forming of the plastified ceramic?

  • 1. Wall thickness should be above 1.2.
    2. A little bit fragile after forming, should be strictly according to our process.

How is the heat dissipated for Kangrong plastified ceramic?

  • 1.The thermal conductivity is 0.1-0.3W/m.K for the normal ceramic, and ours is 3.5w/m.k.
    2.More insulating than metal, could be used in some special application.
    3.The heat dissipation surface is much larger than metal, because metal surface is aligned of dense particle, while our material is made of high molecular particles.
    4. The speed of heat dissipation is related to products structure. And the contact surface must be very flat between the inner Al and Al PCB, the wall thickness should between 1.2-1.4.